Sights of Gazipur |

Sights of Gazipur | |

Sights of Gazipur |

Surrounded by 10 rivers, Gazipur covers an area of 160.54 sq km. Under it are busy upazilas like Kaliakair and Kapasia. Gazipur is surrounded by various places including Bhawal Rajprasad or Jagrat Chowrangi. Every year different types of people from home and abroad come to visit this place near Dhaka. The beauty of nature or the artificially created installations is like looking for everything.

Sights of Gazipur:

Bhawal Rajbari:

This ancient palace is located in Gazipur Sadar Upazila. The construction of the house was started by Zamindar Loknarayan Roy but was completed by Raja Kalinarayan Roy. The main building is spread over an area of ??about 15 acres. It is 400 meters long from north to south and is shaped like a three-story plan.

Balda Zamindar Bari:

There was once a 'Baldha Zamindar Bari' in Baldha village of Baria Union in Gazipur. That is because it is not the same as before. A kind of destroyed. There is a Kalibari and a school building built by the zamindars. Which proves the existence of the once zamindari chill in this area. Harendra Narayan Roy Chowdhury built this zamindar house. The zamindar house had 40 rooms. Locally it is better known as 'Chowdhurybari' or 'Chadribari'.

Bhawal National Park:

Location of Bhawal National Park across Sadar and Sreepur Upazilas of Gazipur. Its distance from Dhaka is only forty kilometers. Although in the whole plan, the location of the national park covers an area of ??5022 hectares in 35 Mouzas and 137 villages of Gazipur Sadar and Sreepur Upazilas. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to experience the dazzling beauty of the shale forest and the taste of the jungle. This garden is unique for its beauty, uniqueness, and diversity.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park:

Bangabandhu Safari Park is known as a safe haven for various species of small and large species of forest land of 4909.0 acres of shale forest in Maona Union of Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur district. 

Bangabandhu Safari Park has been set up in line with the South Asian model especially the Safari World of Thailand. Also included are some ideas for Bali Safari Park in Indonesia. There are opportunities for breeding and free-roaming of domestic/foreign wildlife so that tourists can enjoy education, research, and recreation by traveling in moving vehicles or on foot.

Nuhash Polli:

Nuhash Palli Nandan Kanan is located at Pirujali village, 25 km from the Gazipur district. The present area of Nuhash Palli is about 40 bighas. Nuhash Palli was named after Humayun Ahmed's son Nuhash.

There are two houses here called Bhutbilas and Brishtibilas. The rain can be seen very nicely from Brishtibilas. And ghosts were created to see ghosts. Besides, there are many types of sculptures in Nuhash Palli. At the entrance of Nuhash Palli, there is a sculpture called Mother and Child.

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