Cox's Bazar: The world's longest natural sand beach

Cox's Bazar: The world's longest natural sand beach |

Cox's Bazar: The world's longest natural sand beach

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach is the longest beach in the world. This beach is about 120 km long and This is the proudest holiday destination for Bangladeshis and a holiday paradise for the wealthy people in Bangladesh. Numerous tourists are visiting Cox's Bazar every day. That is why Cox's Bazar is called the tourism capital of Bangladesh. 

Tourist spots in Cox's Bazar:

Cox's Bazar Beach:

Cox's Bazar Beach, located at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, is praised as the longest natural sea beach in the world. It is the top tourist destination of Bangladesh. It is a very healthy beach and food paradise and a very safe place for foreigners. Hotels are so cheap here and well organized and local people are so kinds. If you wish to travel to Bangladesh then must go Cox's Bazar sea Beach at fast.


Inani Sea Beach: 

Inani Beach is an 18-kilometer-long sea beach in Cox's Bazar. It has a nice view having a lot of coral stone. These coral stones look green and live in summer or in the rainy season. But if someone wants to enjoy to look a lot of coral stones also one should go there in winter.

Maheshkhali Island:

Maheshkhali Upazila is 15km away from Cox’s Bazar district. Maheshkhali island is the only hilly island in Bangladesh. It became known as Mahesh Khali about 200 years ago. It was named the name of Buddhist Sen Maheshwar.


Adinath Temple:

Adinath Temple is located on Maheshkhali Island. From Maheshkhali town tourists have to walk to Mainak Hill, and they will find stairs that lead up to the top of Mainak Hill where the Adinath Temple is situated.